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A theme for MoinMoin.

How to install

Once you're connected to the server via SSH run the following commands as root.

git clone --depth 1
cd moinmoin-acaro
make install

How to develop and test

If you're running linux make sure you're using BSD Make (bmake).

Installing MoinMoin locally

All you need is Python 2 (Python 3 is not supported and will likely never be) and python-virtualenv.

Replace /tmp/moin with the path you want to install MoinMoin in.

mkdir /tmp/moin
cd /tmp/moin

virtualenv -p python2 env
source env/bin/activate

tar -xvf moin-1.9.10.tar.gz
cd moin-1.9.10
python install
cd ..

mkdir wiki
cp -pr env/share/moin/{data,config,underlay} wiki/
cp -pr env/share/moin/config/ wiki/

moin --config-dir=wiki account create --name=admin --email=admin@localhost --password=admin
sed -i "/FrontPage/s/#//g" wiki/
sed -i "/superuser.*YourName/s/#//g" wiki/
sed -i "/superuser.*YourName/s/YourName/admin/g" wiki/

# Change this path with your installation folder
sed -i "/wikiconfig_dir = /s/os\.path\.abspath.*/'\/tmp\/moin\/wiki\/'/g" wiki/

Installing Acaro in the test environment

Replace /tmp/moin with the path you have installed MoinMoin in.

git clone --depth 1
cd moinmoin-acaro

Eventually run the following command as command as root.

PREFIX=/tmp/moin/wiki TEST=yes make install

To enable the theme in the settings run the followin command.

cd /tmp/moin
sed -i "/theme_default/s/modernized/acaro/" wiki/

Running MoinMoin

From now on you just need to activate the python virtualenv and execute the following command to run a working testing MoinMoin instance.

cd /tmp/moin
source env/bin/activate
moin --config-dir=wiki server standalone

Something like this will show up. Follow the link to be greeted by MoinMoin.

2017-08-26 12:32:14,027 INFO werkzeug:87  * Running on http://localhost:8080/ (Press CTRL+C to quit)

You're ready to go!