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acCrocRadio setup servizi via docker


mkdir -p /srv/azuracast
cd /srv/azuracast
curl -fsSL >
chmod a+x
./ install

media in: /var/lib/docker/volumes/azuracast_station_data/_data/{station_name}/media/

backup in: /var/lib/docker/volumes/azuracast_backups/_data

Controllare i permessi: docker exec -it azuracast_web bash


./ update-self
./ update


docker-compose logs -f
docker-compose logs -f service [web | stations]

Stop containers di azuracast

cd /srv/azuracast
docker-compose down

edit .env e docker-compose.override.yml

Go container azuracast

docker-compose up -d

Manual azuracast backup

./ backup --exclude-media path-to-backup.tar.gz

Manual azuracast backup restore

./ restore [/path/to/backup.tar.gz]

Permessi con ACL

sftp su porta 2022



netstat -tulpn
ufw status verbose

mkdir -p /srv/website/www
cd /srv/website
docker pull nginx
edit docker-compose.yml e webpage.env
docker-compose up -d


docker pull linuxserver/dokuwiki
edit docker-compose.yml e dokuwiki.env
mkdir /srv/dokuwiki/
chown user:user [path-to-wiki]
docker-compose up -d
ssh -p 22 root@ -NL 8080:

Nice URL

wiki admin/Configuration Settings panel: set Use Nice URL to .htaccess
tick Use slash as namespace separator in URLs

Restart the container

data in: /var/lib/docker/volumes/dokuwiki_data/_data/dokuwiki/data

testo puro:


mkdir /srv/wordpress/
docker pull wordpress:latest
edit docker-compose.yml e wordpress.env
docker-compose up -d