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The certificates for the official Fenix builds (nightly, beta and production) can be accessed from the certificates folder in the root of this repository


Note: we currently only have the Fenix nightly deployed, and it's using the production key at the moment.

Channel Fingerprint type Fingerprint
Nightly SHA-1 2A:D2:D7:C0:80:BB:08:97:6B:46:D2:BB:50:5A:74:F1:FE:C9:5D:B5
Nightly SHA-256 77:EA:C4:CE:ED:36:AF:EF:BA:76:17:99:31:DD:4C:C1:95:AB:0C:D5:4B:AF:35:5D:21:5E:7B:BD:D2:8E:40:2A
Beta SHA-1 A1:B4:3E:62:20:43:41:FC:04:2B:15:89:77:0A:A9:18:AC:F7:AD:F9
Beta SHA-256 F5:62:C0:8F:30:77:86:86:D2:A4:7B:85:8F:45:E9:EF:35:70:83:08:5C:B2:89:1A:96:C4:09:F3:60:E9:CA:B9
Production SHA-1 0C:B5:98:40:E8:44:E4:00:56:BA:8F:23:3D:F1:C7:64:A7:DB:45:68
Production SHA-256 50:04:77:90:88:E7:F9:88:D5:BC:5C:C5:F8:79:8F:EB:F4:F8:CD:08:4A:1B:2A:46:EF:D4:C8:EE:4A:EA:F2:11