Simple RSS/Atom feed source for diretto
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package filebackend
import (
// FileBackend is a file-based storage backend for bacheca
type FileBackend struct {
path string
// MakeFileBackend returns a FileBackend instance
func MakeFileBackend(path string) (*FileBackend, error) {
stat, err := os.Stat(path)
if err == nil && stat.IsDir() {
return nil, errors.New("file backend must be a file")
return &FileBackend{
path: path,
}, err
// GetFeed returns the whole feed
func (b *FileBackend) GetFeed() (*feeds.Feed, error) {
return nil, errors.New("not implemented")
// AddItem adds an item to the feed
func (b *FileBackend) AddItem(item feeds.Item) (string, error) {
return "", errors.New("not implemented")
// RemoveItem removes an item by ID
func (b *FileBackend) RemoveItem(id string) error {
return errors.New("not implemented")
// ReplaceItem replaces the item at a specified ID with the data provided
func (b *FileBackend) ReplaceItem(id string, item feeds.Item) error {
return errors.New("not implemented")
// SetInfo sets the feed metadata (like title and description)
func (b *FileBackend) SetInfo(info feeds.Feed) error {
return errors.New("not implemented")