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`libvirt`, `qemu`, `virt-install`
On archlinux:
### Archlinux:
pacman -S virt-install libvirt qemu-desktop
@ -14,6 +14,23 @@ pacman -S qemu-emulators-full # optional, provides extra architectures emulation
systemctl enable libvirtd.socket # socket activation
### MacOS
brew install qemu libvirt virt-manager # installing virt-manager might take a while since it requires GTK
# optional
brew install virt-viewer
brew services start libvirt
The procedure for installing VMs on MacOS is similar to the standard processes, although some flags have to be changed when running on M1:
1. remove the `--virt-type kvm` flag as this is not supported, it will fallback to `qemu` hypervisor
2. remove the `--cpu host` flag and add `--arch x86_64` to `virt-install` in order to run an `x86_64` system (this might depends on the architecture you want to emulate)
Follow instructions below, editing commands as required.
## Installing VMs
### Archlinux