23 Commits (master)

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bretello afb1a7a795
zsh: enable grc, ansible and vagrant omz plugins 5 hours ago
bretello c507973d50
zsh: add fzf-tab module 4 weeks ago
bretello d946a2b7d9
zsh: re-enable omz plugins, add rust completions 2 months ago
bretello 52366a3769 zsh: disable slow loading plugins 4 months ago
bretello 6d16512c0a
zsh: update fast-syntax-highlighting path 3 months ago
bretello 904b0227b7
zsh: add filetype to antibody_plugins.txt 4 months ago
bretello b6c078fbfe
zsh: remove deprecated zsh plugin 4 months ago
bretello 54167b0107
zsh: sort antibody plugins 4 months ago
bretello 6a1bba6bbd
add more fzf goodies 4 months ago
bretello ca15cbc840
zsh: add dotfiles/fzf plugin 4 months ago
bretello bbf4c325b8
zsh: add bgnotify omz plugin: notifications for long running commands (>6s) 10 months ago
bretello 0cb850b8a4
zsh: add conditional insertion for systemd and debian plugins 10 months ago
bretello f8bc1793b7
zsh: use omz's zsh-navigation-tools, add zsh_reload 10 months ago
bretello a6a927e6d8
zsh: add add antibody extras, cleanup plugins.txt 10 months ago
bretello 63fdbc59ae
zsh: add grc oh-my-zsh plugin 1 year ago
bretello b7ebe66bb7
zsh: remove git-auto-fetch plugin, disable kubectl by default 1 year ago
bretello 1cf05d90ee add pyenv oh-my-zsh plugin 1 year ago
bretello 8ef6df3abb zsh: add MichaelAquilina/zsh-autoswitch-virtualenv 1 year ago
bretello 1d5924343f add git autofetch, sort plugins 2 years ago
bretello 44f408883e zsh: add git-auto-fetch plugin 2 years ago
bretello 295214ceed zsh: add docker/docker-compose plugins 2 years ago
bretello 243daba237 zsh: use psrint/zsh-navigation-tools instead of oh-my-zsh 2 years ago
bretello 7652cd81e5 replace antigen with antibody 2 years ago