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# misc
font_family JetBrains Mono
bold_font JetBrains Mono Bold
italic_font JetBrains Mono Italic
bold_italic_font JetBrains Mono Bold Italic
font_size 11.5
#symbol_map U+E0A0-U+E0A2,U+E0B0-U+E0B3 PowerlineSymbols
open_url_modifiers ctrl
open_url_with /usr/local/bin/
enable_audio_bell no
# graphics
foreground #dddddd
background #222222
background_opacity 0.9
dynamic_background_opacity yes
# scrollback
scrollback_lines 50000
scrollback_pager bat
# keybinding
map ctrl+tab previous_window
map ctrl+shift+tab next_window
map ctrl+shift+z kitten
# remote control
allow_remote_control yes
# clipboard
clipboard_control write-clipboard write-primary no-append
# theme
include ./theme.conf