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mcarare 6c2220bffc For #13388: Use safe call for nullable swipeRefresh. 1 year ago
browsingmode Move settings in components (#12675) 2 years ago
readermode For #13390 - Fix for stuck readerMode appearance controls 1 year ago
BaseBrowserFragment.kt For #13388: Use safe call for nullable swipeRefresh. 1 year ago
BrowserAnimator.kt For #13424 - Fix detekt config and warnings. 1 year ago
BrowserFragment.kt For #11918: Take a screenshot when clicking the tab tray 1 year ago
CustomTabContextMenuCandidate.kt Fix license on remaining files 2 years ago
FenixSnackbarDelegate.kt Add tests for browser helper classes (#12370) 2 years ago
SwipeGestureLayout.kt For #3481 - Implement swipe on toolbar to switch tabs. 2 years ago
TabPreview.kt No issue - Fix compilation error caused by removed extension function. 2 years ago
TelemetrySessionObserver.kt For #6558 - cleanup + added unit tests 2 years ago
ToolbarGestureHandler.kt For #13030 - Use material design animation values for swipe to switch tabs. 1 year ago
UriOpenedObserver.kt Add tests for some classes in home/browser (#12837) 2 years ago