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import taskcluster
class VariantApk:
def __init__(self, build_type, abi, engine, file_name):
self.abi = abi
self.taskcluster_path = 'public/build/{}/{}/target.apk'.format(abi, engine)
self.absolute_path = '/opt/fenix/app/build/outputs/apk/{}/{}/{}'.format(engine, build_type, file_name)
class Variant:
def __init__(self, name, build_type, apks): = name
self.build_type = build_type
self._apks = apks
def get_apk(self, abi):
return [apk for apk in self._apks if apk.abi == abi][0]
def artifacts(self):
return {
apk.taskcluster_path: {
'type': 'file',
'path': apk.absolute_path,
'expires': taskcluster.stringDate(taskcluster.fromNow('1 year')),
} for apk in self._apks
def upstream_artifacts(self):
return [apk.taskcluster_path for apk in self._apks]
def upstream_artifacts_per_abi(self):
return {apk.abi: apk.taskcluster_path for apk in self._apks}