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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
package org.mozilla.fenix.session
import android.os.Bundle
import org.mozilla.fenix.HomeActivity
import org.mozilla.fenix.IntentReceiverActivity
import org.mozilla.fenix.settings.account.AuthIntentReceiverActivity
import org.mozilla.fenix.widget.VoiceSearchActivity
* These callbacks handle binding performance code to the activity lifecycle.
class PerformanceActivityLifecycleCallbacks(
private val visualCompletenessQueue: RunWhenReadyQueue
) : Application.ActivityLifecycleCallbacks {
override fun onActivityCreated(activity: Activity, bundle: Bundle?) {
* Returns true if it is a terminal activity, or false if it
* an activity used in transition.
private fun isTransientActivity(activity: Activity): Boolean {
// These are the current list of non terminal activites.
// They have been whitelisted in case new activities are added to the application
// to ensure these new activities would not crash the application.
return isTransientActivityInMigrationVariant(activity) ||
(activity is IntentReceiverActivity) ||
(activity is VoiceSearchActivity) ||
(activity is AuthIntentReceiverActivity)
* This marks visualCompletenessQueue as ready, either delayed or right away, if the activity is a
* terminal activity. If not, do nothing.
private fun ifNecessaryPostVisualCompleteness(activity: Activity) {
fun shouldStartVisualCompletenessQueueImmediately(): Boolean {
return !isTransientActivity(activity)
if (activity is HomeActivity) {
// We should delay the visualCompletenessQueue when reaching the HomeActivity
// to ensure all tasks are delayed until after visual completeness
} else if (shouldStartVisualCompletenessQueueImmediately()) {
// If we do not go through the home activity, we have to start the tasks
// immediately to avoid spending time implementing it.
override fun onActivityStarted(activity: Activity?) {}
override fun onActivityStopped(activity: Activity?) {}
override fun onActivityResumed(activity: Activity?) {}
override fun onActivityPaused(activity: Activity?) {}
override fun onActivitySaveInstanceState(activity: Activity?, bundle: Bundle?) {}
override fun onActivityDestroyed(activity: Activity?) {}
companion object {
* The source files are different from migration and non migration variants.
* We use this property to extend the [isTransientActivity] implementation for the
* migration variants.
var isTransientActivityInMigrationVariant: (Activity) -> Boolean = { false }