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An ansible role to install Bibliogram on a Debian machine


This role sets up a bibliogram node with one of two methods:

  • orchestrating it via systemd
  • orchestrating it via docker

You have to choose which method to use.


These are the default values

ansible_bibliogram_port: "10407"
ansible_bibliogram_with_docker: false
ansible_bibliogram_with_systemd: false
ansible_bibliogram_backup_frequency: "daily"
ansible_bibliogram_root_directory: "/var/www/bibliogram"
ansible_bibliogram_tor_enabled: false

It is mandatory to set a value for ansible_bibliogram_base_url, that points to the public url (together with the protocol and port if not default!) the service is available at.


A Vagrantfile is provided. You can run the systemd case with

$ vagrant up --provider=libvirt --provision

or the docker case with

$ ANSIBLE_BIBLIOGRAM_DOCKER=1 vagrant up --provider=libvirt --provision

Then, if you put debiantest in your /etc/hosts, you should be able to reach a bibliogram instance at http://debiantest:10407.